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Geocaching in Northern Michigan


Geocaching is an exciting craze to hit the forests of Northern Michigan. Using a GPS, hikers perform a hunt of sorts looking for hidden treasures left behind by other geocachers. It is an opportunity for a wonderful family adventure that is of little cost. Buy or borrow a GPS unit and you are in business!

A capsule is filled with treats, trinkets, and a log book inside and then hidden somewhere in the forest. Its specific location is then logged at one of a number of geocaching sites, the most popular and widely used being These coordinates when plugged into a GPS unit will lead you to the treasure. In most cases, you will get within about 50-100 feet of the treasure. It is then up to you to find it!

Once you have located the geocache, you can write your name in the log book. It is also customary to take an item out of the geocache and then replace it with another for the next treasure hunter. You and your family are sure to more thoroughly enjoy a walk in the woods in this way, especially when the kids know there’s treasure where X marks the spot! 

Video Courtesy of the Petoskey News Review

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