Snowmobile Rules

Snowmobiles are to be operated in accordance with these policies on Trout Creek property, by owners, guests of owners and Trout Creek renters only.  Please be sure to read the following information to ensure a wonderful, safe and successful vacation with us. It is the goal of the Trout Creek Board of Directors and management staff to provide you with a quality experience.

  • Snowmobile use over most of the property is prohibited. Snowmobiles must be used on the roads and designated trails (they are marked and maps are available at the front desk). Most use is expected to be en route to a designated state trail by either the trail from the overflow lot north to the state trail or on Pleasantview Road to the trail north of Trout Creek property. Trout Creek roads may only be used to get from condos to either Pleasantview Road or the overflow lots.
  • In order to avoid parking problems, trailers may not be kept in the condo parking lots. Trailers must be kept at the overflow lot or at the storage lot by the Conference Center.
  • Snowmobiles may be parked in condo garages. Using the garage does reduce the number of parking spaces allocated at that condo to one. Snowmobiles may also be parked on the lawn areas near the condo parking lots, not in the lots themselves. They may also be parked in the recreational vehicle lot or the designated lot near the conference center.
  • All snowmobiles will be operated at no more than 5 miles per hour on Trout Creek property. This will decrease noise and other problems significantly.
  • Children of owners, guests of owners and Trout Creek guests who want to operate their snowmobiles independently of their parents on Trout Creek property must be at least 16 years of age and have a valid driver’s license.
  • In the event of violations of these policies, the Board reserves the right to prohibit the use of snowmobiles on Trout Creek property by the individuals violating these policies.
  • Anyone wishing to use a snowmobile at Trout Creek must register the snowmobile with the front desk and receive a tag prior to its use on the property. All necessary paperwork will be signed. This will include a waiver of claims against Trout Creek. Approved routes will be identified, and this snowmobile use policy reviewed with each registrant.
  • Snowmobilers shall observe all applicable State rules at all times.