Dark Sky Park

What is a Dark Sky Park?

It is a park or other protected public land possessing exceptional starry skies and natural nocturnal habitat where light pollution is mitigated and natural darkness is valuable as an important education, cultural, scientific and natural resource.

When this Dark Sky Park achieved its designation, it was only the 6th park of its kind in the United States and 9th in the world! Now there are only 40 such designated parks in the World. This particular park is located just 2 miles west of downtown Mackinaw City, which is just 38 minutes from Trout Creek.

  • Bring a flashlight but this link will fill you in on the type of flashlight and also explain how to make your own. 

    This place is really special to watch the sunset, see the Milky Way, watch for shooting stars and of course see the constellations. Enjoy!