What is there to do in Harbor Springs, Michigan?

This Lake Michigan community has offered visitors unparalleled scenic beauty, small town charm and a picturesque setting for generations. Explore exceptional restaurants, shops, outdoor events & festivals. Trout Creek is only 10 minutes from the downtown area. This 4 season small town is located on little Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan with clean, unsalted fresh water to kayak, sail, swim and fish.

What are the Best Things to do in Harbor Springs?

harbor springs, michigan

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Events and Festivals in Harbor Springs

A Real Artist Community

“Friday in Harbor Springs was like a scene out of Norman Rockwell! Very cool!” Leigh, Ohio

As recently stated by local artist Gail Hosner, “Here there’s a simplicity that frees an artist’s mind, so they can focus on the beauty around them.” Audrey Shapiro, says that she was drawn to the area because the water and empty spaces were sources of inspiration for her. “Either it’s the wide expanse, the colors, the sounds, just all your senses are awakened when you’re by the water.

It’s just where I can be the calmest and stop my brain from chattering.” Painter Trisha Witty of Harbor Springs & the Witty Galerie, added that “artists in Northern Michigan are fortunate to be able to make a living.