About Trillium and Morels

It is a beautiful site to see the forests of northern Michigan carpeted with Trillium each spring as they make their seasonal appearance.

About 30 species of Trillium grow in North America. The Latin name means simply in threes because the leaves, petals, sepals (tiny leaves under the petals) and even stigmas (center) of the flower) are all three-pointed.

Trilliums truly are a fragile plant, taking 15 years to grow from seed to flower. Aging rings around the rhizome have been seen up to 26 years. It is illegal to pick them in Michigan because it takes about seven years for them to recover.

Hunting for Morel Mushrooms is fun and it gets you outdoors to enjoy the warmer temperatures and get some exercise. Once you find one of those tasty treats you will start to see lots of them. Generally speaking, the best time to hike in the woods is mid May. 

Be sure to check online for pictures of the safe ones vs. the ones that are not good for you. You will also be able to find recipes and procedures for preparing this wonderful treat. They are so yummy!